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Handball & Racquetball

Much of Dublin Handball revolves around our Centre that is the headquarters for the Dublin Handball Board.  We have one 40 x 20 international sized court and one 60 x 30 alley that is the national Irish standard court.  One wall competitions can also be played in the 60 x 30 alley.   We have a separate section on our website dealing with Handball and this section also has a link to the ‘History of Handball  1884 - 2000’ compiled by our former chairman.

Racquetball is also played at our Centre and a number of members and former members have represented Ireland competitively.

The following video entitled an ‘Introduction to Handball’ includes footage taken at our Centre that will give you an idea of the facilities we have.  It is also an excellent introduction to the sport itself.


Courts can be booked at €6 per hour. Tokens for the 40 x 20 alley can be purchased at the bar.  The Dublin Handball Board plays many of its competitions here and should you wish to join the Centre or another Dublin Club to play handball you will always find a welcome.

Play Ball!

Martial Arts - Shika-do

​This video introduces the Shika-Do Karate instructors at the Croke Park Community & Handball Centre.  This is a wonderful sport for young and old and is also great for improving endurance and flexibility for other sports.  With 88 years of experience between them our instructors, Austin, Garrett and Peter, have given great service especially to the young in our community.  Shika Do's little Dragons are taught the importance of modesty, courtesy, integrity, self control, perseverance and indomitable spirit.


Interview with Austin Bradshaw, Garrett Graham & Peter Farrell

Socialising, Seniors Parties, Functions & Quiz Nights​​

The heart of a community is often its local community centre - the place where it meets, socializes and derives strength and confidence when it gets together and discusses the issues of the day.

The GAA’s founders realised the importance of having a strong community to stand up to landlords and those that wanted to exploit the local area and community.   Having a weak controlled community is what many major corporations seek when they want to promote their own money-making plans.








We have a lovely community that has grown together around our Centre for over 40 years in good times and bad.  We tolerate no nonsense in our club, never had a squad car to the door.  We raise funds for various charities and we support a host of activities in our Centre.  We look after our old and our special needs all of whom feel safe here.  Most of all we enjoy each other’s company and many a quiz and many a local family function is held at our Centre. We also remember our deceased and a recent sing-along tribute that we had for Paddy Brown shows both the fun and talent we have at our Centre.

Pool and Darts 

This year, 2013, our Pool team is doing us proud and now look likely to be playing in the premier league next year.  Darts are also played at our Centre and former World darts champion Eric Bristow, the crafty cockney, has played here.  

The video to the right shows our pool team in action with a few Jokes and trick shots from Dennis Taylor.

Committee member John Early sets the scene and the video gives a feel for the facilities we have for Pool (two tables) and the comradeship between our team members and our fellow competing pool teams.





Cards, Dominos and Board Games

The video gives a flavour of card and board games at our Centre, as well as a nice little tune on the harmonica from Deco Early.

You will travel far to get better 25 or 110 players than are at the Centre. 

These games as well as being great fun also help keep the mind sharp and two of our best players are in their eighties.


Also shown are some card deals and tricks along with a musical score.  Can you guess who is the only card player in the group that won a silver medal for cards?.




Mixed Martial Arts

Dance Classes

Residence Group Meetings

Anti-Drugs/Other Meetings

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