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If Tipperary is the home of hurling, then arguably Dublin is the home of handball.  As the ‘History of Handball’ below shows handball has been played in Dublin since God was a boy and many of the greats came from Dublin where professional players had solicitors that drew up contracts for challenges.  While handball is the ‘poor relation’ in the world of Gaelic games it is still a game that has a great attraction for many and with trips to America as an incentive for players the game has seen an upsurge in participation in recent years ...though nothing like years ago when it was played in every parish in Ireland and now too often the spectacle of the abandoned alley serves only to bring back memories of old times.


The main objective when building our Centre was to provide a fine venue for handball and with grants  made available that expanded to our Centre becoming a community centre with other activities as well.  Indeed was it not for the local community support the Centre could not have survived.


Handball is strongly promoted at our Centre that serves as the headquarters for the Dublin Handball Board and for many handball clubs as well.  Colleges also use our Centre for handball competitions and training.

DUBLIN has produced many All-Ireland and World champions at youth, senior and masters levels.  The great Dublin handball administrator and journalist Sean Clerkin of Na Fianna also kick-started ladies handball with his protege Mavis O’Toole going on to win over 20 senior titles before retiring.  The video to the left shows snippets of Dublin's Eoin Kennedy winning both senior singles against Ducksy Walsh and senior doubles with his partner Egin Jensen against Dessie Keegan (first secretary of the Croke Park Streets Committees) and Joe McCann in the All-Ireland finals played at our Centre in 2007.


Dublin GAA County Board                  


Na Fianna           

Map of Dublin GAA Clubs     

Trinity Handball

Derelict/Old Dublin Handball Alleys

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