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August 9th 2013:  Belfast - A great victory was won for the Casement Social Club when as a result of High Court action taken by Casement Social Club against the Antrim County Board GAA and others the Club was re-instated in its Club premises in Casement Park.  An attempt to bully the Executive Committee of the Club and to throw them out of their premises has failed and failed miserably as far as the GAA is concerned.  The Casement Social Club received the benefit of our Croke Park Social Clubs support and advises and they have recently passed a vote of thanks for our support.  We will now work together to stand up to the Corporate GAA  confident that we can expose the corporate GAA for their greed and lack of consideration for our communities.

Croke Park Hill-16 Protest - July 14th 2013:  A large number of the Community & Handball Centre members were present with their banner below on Hill-16 to cheer on the Dubs to their first Leinster double since 1942.  Photographer Martin Fanning took this photograph of the banner and a few members after the match.

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To read Hogan Stand Story on our Picket at the GAA Congress at the Venue in Derry on  Friday 22 March 2013 hit

Club Licence Renewal for 2013:  Despite the Croke Park GAA objections our Centre was granted it's 2012/2013 Club licence in the Courts this January 2013.  Thanks to Tony Fay our Solicitor and our Secretary John Hoban for getting this through.

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